E. coli Independent Projects

Each group will isolate eight strains of E. coli, four human strains (from rectal swabs) and four 'non-human' strains. The diversity of these strains then will be investigated. Each group will determine the antibiotic sensitivity of their isolates. Additionally, each group will investigate another property of their isolates (to be determined by the group). A single group report will be due during the week of March 27, 2006.

The report will be in the form of a scientific paper. More specifically, the reports should be constructed as if they were being submitted to the Journal of Bacteriology. All sections, including references, must be formatted correctly. Reports formatted incorrectly will be returned to the authors. One resubmission (with a one letter grade deduction) of rejected manuscripts is allowed.

Manuscripts that are not rejected because of formatting issues will be reviewed and graded based on the following criteria (20% each):
1) Clarity of writing
2) Quality of experimental design
3) Quality of data analysis
4) Quality of conclusions
5) Quality of figures/tables