Microbiology after Davidson
After graduation Davidson students may pursue several different career paths that are founded on the principles of microbiology. A biology major may choose to enter a graduate program in microbiology and latter use that degree to teach or conduct scientific research. Graduates with a biology major may also attend medical school where they can choose to specialize in Infectious Disease. Davidson biology majors may also choose a career as an epidemiologist. Below is a further description of the three major applications of microbiology.
Microbiology, Phd-An undergraduate student may choose to enter graduate school in one of several fields of microbiology, including bacteriology and virology. Typically, students will spend two years in a classroom atmosphere studying molecular microbiology. Then students will conduct individual research under the guidance of an advisor for two more years. Graduate students will then prepare a dissertation on the research and upon successful completion of the dissertation graduate students will receive their Phd. As doctor of microbiology one may choose to enter the teaching field or continue their career as a research scientist.
Infectious Disease, MD-Microbiology may be applied to the medical field in the infectious disease specialty. The infectious disease specialty is accomplished after completion of medical school, a three-year specialty in internal medicine, and a two-year fellowship in infectious disease. Doctors with a specialty in infectious disease treat patients with a large range of ailments, however recently infectious disease specialties have been in high demand due to the AIDS epidemic.
Epidemiology-Epidemiologists study the movement, occurrence, and control of infectious diseases within a population. Although it is not required to have post graduate education in order to become an epidemiologist it is highly encouraged. In the past Davidson students have earned their doctorate degrees in a non-biology field and gone on to become epidemiologists. The field of epidemiology is vast and includes such research as the links between smoking and cancer and diet and coronary disease.


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