Molecules, Genes and Cells Prof Bernd Lab Syllabus Spring 2013

Jan 14

Introduction to the lab; safety issues; using a Pipetman:

Spectrophotometry and standard curves COMPLETE LM6 & 7 questions and tables BEFORE lab

Jan 21

No Lab: MLK Jr activities

Jan 28

Enzymes: What are they? How do we study them? What parameters affect their function? Isocitrate Dehydrogenase (IDH) as example enzyme

Feb 4

Parameters that Affect a Specific Enzyme’s Activity: Independent Experiments investigating IDH

Feb 11

In lab writing workshop Learn about scientific conventions and then do it: Title, Abstract, Experimental procedures, and Results (w/ figures) sections

--BRING figure drafts to lab READ Pechenik 6th ed pd 151-198 (ch9), BRING Pechenik to lab

READ Grading rubric on Moodle

DUE by beginning of class on Wednesday. Title, Abstract, Experimental Procedures and Results section one per lab team

Feb 18

  Discuss Enzyme Investigations

Molecular biology and genetics: Profiling your genome

What is your genotype? PCR: DNA extraction and reactions

Feb 25

  PCR results and analysis

Introduction to Chlamydomonas: Microscopy basics


No Lab: Spring Break

Mar 11

Cell Biology: Gene expression to function:

Protein production and localization studies: Building a Chlamydomonas Flagella

Mar 18

Building a Flagella: Investigating Parameters that Affect Flagellar Regeneration:

Mar 25

BRING articles appropriate for Introduction (pdf or paper)

Data Analysis (stats) and In lab Writing workshop: Writing an Introduction

ReREAD Pechenik 166-198 READ Pechenik 139-150 (ch 8)

Apr 1

No Lab Easter Break

Specific Lab Article Parts DUE by beginning of class Friday including
Title, Introduction, Results (w/ figures) and Ref sections: See Grading Rubric

Apr 8

  Discussion of role of gene expression in building a flagella
Molecular biology and Evolution: Random mutation and Selective pressures   
This Unit requires setup outside of lab—be certain you know what you are doing when each week.


Discussion of articles (available on Moodle)


Combine dataset/ analyze   (one more data will be collected, all group’s data available on Moodle Thursday am)   Wrap up lab unit,  

Apr 29

Wrap up lab unit,  Course Eval, and national comparison exercise
Lab Article Due by beginning of lab. Full report

Title, Abstract, Introduction, Results (w/ fig), Discussion and Ref sections