Molecules, Genes and Cells Prof Bernd Lab Syllabus FALL 2013
Yes there is lab on the first Tuesday Before each 
27-Aug Introduction to the lab; safety issues; using a Pipetman:  lab read the
TOSLS corresponding
3-Sep Spectrophotometry and standard curves COMPLETE LM6 & 7 questions and tables BEFORE lab  sections of the Lab Manual
10-Sep Enzymes: What are they? How do we study them? What parameters affect their function? Isocitrate Dehydrogenase (IDH) as example enzyme  (Found online or at the back of the study guide)
16-Sep Parameters that Affect a Specific Enzyme’s Activity:  Your Team Independent Experiments investigating IDH 
24-Sep In lab writing workshop Learn about scientific conventions and then do it: This Report will include ONLY: Title, Abstract, Experimental procedures, and Results (w/ Figures) sections
BEFORE LAB: READ Grading rubric on Moodle & Pechenik 6th ed pg 151-­-198 (ch9), BRING Pechenik & figure drafts to lab 
DUE by beginning of class on Thursday. Title, Abstract, Experimental Procedures and Results sections.  One submission per lab team 
1-Oct Discuss Enzyme Investigations
8-Oct Introduction to Chlamydomonas: Microscopy basics 
15-Oct No Lab: Fall Break
22-Oct Building a Flagella: Investigating Parameters that Affect Flagellar Regeneration: 
29-Oct BRING articles appropriate for Introduction (pdf or paper)
Data Analysis (stats) and In lab Writing workshop: Writing an Introduction ReREAD Pechenik 166-­-198 READ Pechenik 139-­-150 (ch 8) and  Grading Rubric  for Title, Introduction, Results (w/ Figures) and Ref sections
DUE by beginning of class on Thursday. Title, Introduction, Results (w/ Figures) and Ref sections.  One submission per lab team 
5-Nov Discussion of role of gene expression in building a Flagella &
Molecular biology and Evolution: Random mutation and Selective pressures This Unit requires setup outside of lab—be certain you know what you are doing when each week. 
12-Nov Discussion of articles (available on Louise) 
19-Nov Combine dataset/ analyze (one more data will be collected, all group’s data available on Louise Thursday am) 
26-Nov No Lab: Thanksgiving break (extra credit will be awarded if you turn in your full article by the beginning of lab on Tuesday the 26th)
3-Dec Wrap up lab unit, Course Eval, &  Lab Article work time FULL Article from each individual
DUE by beginning of class on Thursday  Full report
10-Dec in optional days-- opting for no lab.