Bio111: Molecules Genes and Cells, Prof Bernd
Reading Assignments FALL 2013

Assigned pages are Study Guide pages and include readings from other sources and study questions that are to be prepared before that day's class.
Readings will be adjusted if needed (written assignment due days and times will not change, only content covered in those assignments).


Date: Topic Study Guide pgs
Aug 27: T

There IS lab this week
Before class: complete 'for before the first day of class' on Moodle.
Introduction to course: What is a Cell? The Inner Life of a CellUnit 1: Stress Response and Sugar release (Cellular Communication)
Intro to polymers and basic molecule types (carbohydrates, amino acids, lipids)


Sugar release: Second messengers and signaling cascades. New molecule type--nucleic acids
Stopping the cascade: reversing and removing to get back to 'normal'


Sept 3: T

Using the sugar
Your heart pounds-- Channels, Pumps and Muscle contractions part I


Using the sugar
Your heart pounds-- Muscle contractions part II
Myosin heads are dancin' song:

Sept 10: T Legs don't fail me now-- synapses, membrane potentials and action potentials 20-25
R Legs don't fail me now-- from action potentials to chemical signals and back. Synaptic Vesicle release 25-29
Sept 16: T

How does an egg know when it is fertilized? Another way of using 2nd messengers Fast and slow blocks--what are they and why do we need them?


No Class Meeting Thursday: Review1 will be emailed to you by 1pm Wednesday and will cover pages 1-35 of Study Guide and first 4 weeks of Lab. It is DUE in my office before NOON MONDAY. See syllabus for details of late policy.



Date Topic S G pgs
Sept 24: T

Review 1 was Due before Noon Monday
nit II Genetics Inherited diseases: Sickle Cell, Cystic Fibrosis, Huntingtons, Introduced Mitosis and Meiosis Review making and interpreting pedigrees,
Meiosis all rapped up


Inherited diseases: How do we talk about them?Traits vs alleles, genotypes vs. phenotypes, learning the terms and how to use them

Oct 1: T

Inherited diseases: DNA and an overview of gene expression (transcription and translation)
Cell cycle rap

R Inherited diseases: The SRY example and the importance of mutations in evolution and the prevalence of silent mutation.
Inherited diseases: Gene expression and revising the common definition of mutation/ Sickle Cell-- differences in gene leading to differences in protein folding


Oct 8: T

Inherited Diseases: Intro to Cystic Fibrosis How do you begin searching when there is no 'obvious' protein? ReIntroduction to Mendel's Laws
Mitosis/meoisis/pedigree quiz available at the end of class (On Moodle). Covers through pg 48


Inherited diseases: Cystic Fibrosis: How to we find a gene in all that DNA:
'Classic' Linkage analysis / RFLPs and VNTRs

Mitosis/meoisis/pedigree quiz DUE before 11:59pm Friday night

Oct 15: T

Fall breakNo Class or lab today


Inherited diseases: Cystic Fibrosis -- A chromosome is 'big'. How do we get closer: recombination
Inherited diseases: Cystic Fibrosis-- Positional Cloning and Genomic approaches
Do, and check, questions found at this link

AND work through the genomic exercise on pg 75

Oct 22: T Inherited diseases: Cystic Fibrosis-- What is the CF mutation? 77-80


Inherited diseases: Cystic Fibrosis-- What is the problem and how can we tell?
Review2 will be emailed to you by 1pm Thursday
and will cover pages SG 39-83 and LM55-PCR. It is DUE in my office by Noon Monday. See syllabus for details of late policy
Oct 29: T No Class Meeting Tuesday : (there is lab)  


Date Topic Study Guide pgs
Oct 31: R
Unit III: Bioenergetics: Poison Pot and Light, Pigments and Energy
How and where do molecules store energy?
Listen to the kinetic and potential energy song


Nov 5: T

Poison Pot: The Light Reactions and harvesting energy from photons & Calvin-Benson Cycle and making food
Amino Acid/Peptide Webquiz available
through Moodle
R Cyanide and poison grapes: Only plants photosynthesize-- all cells metabolize glucose, how does that work? Cellular respiration (glycolysis/ Citric Acid Cycle and Oxidative Phosphorylation) Amino Acid/ Peptide webquiz due by 5pm FRIDAY
Nov 12: T Cyanide and poison grapes: Citric Acid Cycle and Oxidative Phosphorylation
Why health officials require vaccinations during floods

Carbon is not enough-- need nitrogen, but how? Review 3 emailed to you by noon Wednesday today covers pages SG 88-117 and Flagella regeneration lab It is DUE in my office by Noon Monday. See syllabus for details of late policy.


Nov 19: T

No class meeting (there IS lab)



Date Topic Study Guide pgs
Nov 21: R

Unit IV: Other Interesting Topics:Epidemiology, Communicable diseases including HIV  (note we are skipping a topic)
A brief recap of human anatomy
Final exam 'prep questions' emailed to you today.

no reading
Nov 26: T HIV/AIDs history and info & Viruses and retroviruses


Thanksgiving break: No class

Dec 3: T

HIV/AIDs: Treatment approaches

HIV/AIDs: methods of detection/ diagnosis Wrap up
Final Exam will be emailed to you


  Available in office for questions
  Final Exam Due Monday DEC 17th before Noon TURN IN TO MY OFFICE
No exam envelope, no exam center--> 'take home' like other reviews