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 Development of DNA Sequencing and RNA Detection Protocols for the Undergraduate Laboratory


The development of these laboratory protocols was accomplished through the hardwork of John McKillop under the supervision of Karen Bernd, and Liz Nugent, Shannon Reidley, and Christine Larned under the supervision of David Wessner. The project was funded through and Educational Enhancement Grant from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, Durham, NC. Facilities and further support were provided by Davidson College and the Davidson College Biology Department.

The protocols have been or are being course-tested in upper level biology courses at Davidson College. DNA sequencing protocols are being used in Microbiology (Bio302) to explore sequence conservation and mutation rate in the hypervariable region of bacterial isocitrate dehydrogenase. RNA isolation and detection methods have been implemented in Cell Biology (Bio308) to characterize the effect of novel mating mutations on the expression of components within the mating response signaling pathway. Manuscripts describing these studies in detail are in preparation. 

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