Andre Dantas Marques

A little information about me:
Born in Sao Paulo, Brasil on February 6, 1980
Raised in Chevy Chase, MD (no the town is not named after the actor)
Currently a Biology major and a Music minor at Davidson College 

Welcome to my world................
I took the following pictures during my semester abroad in the Brasilian Amazon.....enjoy.

Light creeping through the canopy to shine on this tree (species uncertain).
Sunset over the Solimoes River.
The flower of the passion fruit.
Sunset in Mamiraua (see below for link to site).

Some interesting links to sites concerning the Brasilian Amazon: 
MST: An NGO dedicated to agrarian reform throughout Brasil.  Mamiraua Sustainable Development reserve in the state of Amazonas, Brasil. Informative site on the Brasilian martial art, capoeira...(this stuff is amazing).
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