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   *This website was created for Biology 362: Venoms, Toxins, and Drugs at Davidson College, Davidson, NC.*
My name is Lane Estes and I am a junior biology major at Davidson College in Davidson, NC. I am from Moultrie, Georgia, a small town nestled in the southwest region of the state and smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt. You've probably never heard of it, but that is your own loss. Moultrie is the county seat of Colquitt County, a fabulous stretch of land where cotton is King and high school football is a religion. I never played high school football because I'm beanpole skinny, so I instead played baseball, soccer, and tennis. But don't kid yourself, I still love football. Apart from playing sports, I also have a love for the outdoors and thoroughly enjoy fishing and hunting. I still bass fish and bird hunt whenever I go home, but I no longer play an organized sport so I live vicariously through both the Atlanta Braves and Georgia Bulldog football team. I know I don't go to UGA, but both of my parents did so I was raised to bleed Red and Black. Most of all, I live for humor and will do just about anything to make people laugh.

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Some of my Favorite Links Other Pictures Current Class Projects
    • SOWEGA-nickname for Southwest Georgia. Learn more about my beautiful hometown
    • Mr.T-I pity the fool that ain't down wid' Mr. T. This man is a macho blend of muscle, attitude, gold, and comedic genius. 
    • James Brown- Commonly referred to as "The Godfather of Soul" and "Funky Soul Brother Number One", this "Hardest Workin' Man in Show Business" revolutionized 20th century music while amassing over nine different weopons charges.
    • Atlanta Braves- They're "America's Team." I've been rooting for the Braves since I was knee high to a duck so my mood fluctuates with the Braves win-loss record.
    • Georgia Bulldogs-Properly pronounced "jawja bulldawgs". They're the best football team in the best state in America. What other school can ask its team to "hunker down?"
    • Conan O' Brien-the only funny talk show left on basic cable.





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