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As you can tell from above, my name is Joey Ferguson, and I have created this incredible website as part of a class entitled "From Venoms and Toxins to Drugs" at Davidson College, Davidson, NC.  I am currently a senior biology major, and I have many interests outside the classroom, as you are about to see.  Just look around for a while, and please don't miss the link to my personal project (not quite under construction yet), as it is the primary reason for this internet experience.

I entered this world on June 12, 1980 in Fairfax, VA.  Fairfax is just a few minutes outside of our nation's capital, Washington D.C.  In 1991, my family picked up and moved to Signal Mountain, TN, where we still live.  Signal Mountain is a small town outside Chattanooga, which is a small city itself.  Although small, Chattanooga has almost everything to offer that a big city does, except for maybe a professional sports team.  In the fall of 1998, I matriculated to Davidson College, in Davidson, NC. 
While in Chattanooga, I attended The Baylor School from seveth grade through high school graduation.  It is a small private school with over a hundred years of tradition and strong history.  I played football and wrestled at Baylor.  I would consider those two experiences the most important in my high school career, as I learned just as much off the field of play as I did on.  Football brought me to Davidson.  I no longer play due to injury, but I stuck around, and now consider Davidson College my home.
My parents are both originally from the south, and I have never lived elsewhere.  I have three older sisters who used to pick on me consistently, and one niece, who I harass on a regular basis.  I love sports, and have been called a meathead on more than one occasion.  Growing up ouside D.C., I became an avid Redskins fan, although they've been pretty terrible in recent years.  I joined the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity as a freshman and have been an active participant since then.  I also spent a semster abroad in Madrid, Spain.  I went through the St. Louis University program, and it was probably the best decision of my college career.

Chattanooga's famous Tennessee Aquarium

My high school's campus.  It's real nice.

Several of my wrestling buddies.  That's me, second from the right.
Cocaine and its Effect on the Heart--My individual project
Wildcat Elixir--Group project
LINKS TO SITES I LIKE I said, I'm a meathead
The Simpsons--Yes, I still watch The Simpsons
Cannibal site--Just remember: it's a joke site

This web site was created as part of an assignment for a class at Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina

From Venoms and Toxins to Drugs


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