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From Arabidopsis to "Super Cabbage"

What is Arabidopsis?

Flowering Time Control: 2 Key Factors

"Super Cabbage"- Putting together the components


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How did this tiny weed aid in the discovery of the information with which we can create genetically modified, "Super Cabbage?"








                                   Arabidopsis Thaliana (An Sun, 2003)                                                  Cabbage (Oliver II, 2001)

The creation of super cabbage is probably not far in the future.  It will join the lineage of genetically modified commercial crops sporting two enhancements: enlarged edible parts and an uncanny cold tolerance.  How did scientists discover they could create this amazing genetically modified organism?  What is the reasoning behind their discovery?  In order to understand the significance of any such discovery with regard to genetic modification, one must understand the basic building blocks. 

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