Cases in Environmental Health

Dr. Bernd

Fall '12


The field of Environmental Health focuses on the factors external to people that have health implications. In this seminar you will develop skills in literature research, critical analysis, and communication exploring the intersection between cell biology, public health and the environment. Broad topics include regional and global examples investigating air quality, water quality and exposure to environmental chemicals. Working in trios, you will define sub areas such as home air quality, water purification byproducts, or mercury. You will use research, creativity, and communication skills to compile materials and develop case studies that are appropriate for use in undergraduate cell biology courses. Prereq: one 100 level Biology w/lab course of Env 201

Note: This is a course where you will develop pedagogically sound case studies and associated materials that extend cases involving detrimental environmental conditions to the cellular mechanisms that may be affected. This is not a course where you will be introduced to cell biology through a set of prewritten case studies-- you will dig into the cellular mechanism and develop cases.

Expectations and Assignments

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