Halloween 2011 in Bio201


Chase sharing his F plasmid through a pilus with Josh


Chase and Josh after a happily successful conjugation


Jannat (leucine) and Josh (tRNA) with Maryam and Caroline as jealous codons realizing their tRNA can pair with multiple partners via wobble


Jannat, Josh, Brit, Caroline, and Maryam after demonstrating translation with a cheating three-timing tRNA






Michael, Saumya, and Kathryn acting out bacterial conjugation (Daniel and Bethany not visible)


Michael, Kathryn, Bethany, Saumya, and Daniel after successful lateral gene transfer


Aaron (right) with brother Alex as monozygotic and conjoined twins (Alex was a good sport to show up for a class he's not taking)


Caitlin and Emily as agouti-yellow and agouti mice



Jessica, Ashley, Tiffany, and Julie (in mask) demonstrating transcription


Last but not least, Shamita, Gabi, Elizabeth, Ashley, and Genni as chromosomes, Watson, Franklin, and Crick. See for their skit and rap!


Photos by Sarah Pyfrom; youtube video by Gene McIntosh on Shamita's camera.

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