Halloween 2013 in Bio201

Nishita as a female Drosophila melanogaster with red eyes and curly wings


Gracie and Emily as a pedigree (figure out the mode of inheritance and chance that the kids are affected)


Nisha as a plasmid about to be cut open


Stewart as Mendel


Caroline and Sarah T as polytene chromosomes


Devon and Ellie as a bacteriophage infecting a bacterium


May as a stop codon


Sarah B as a valine tRNA


Sophie as a proline tRNA

Catherine and Elizabeth as conjugating bacteria


Chang and Andrew as incomplete dominance


Catherine, Betsy, and Avril as influenza viruses undergoing reassortment and recombination in various hosts



Hannah, Emma, Ellen, and John as corn before and after tranposon insertion (and then after excision within individual cells of developing kernels)


Rachel as a bacterial plasmid


Tamara, Nicole, Lizzy, and Dylan as "sister" chromatids undergoing "nun"disjunction



Photos by Karen Hales.

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