Halloween 2001 in Bio301

Jump to: Drew Ryan Greg Paul Chris Laurent Graham John K Tara
Amy Soren John G Kevin Maury Beau Lane

Drew and Ryan as
an adenine-thymine base pair

Greg as a "G-gnome"
Paul as a
giant multilobed Paul clone
Chris as Frankenfood

Laurent and Graham
as evil mutant clones
John as a "knockout" mouse


Tara as a backwards glance Drosophila melanogaster with her blue "gene", Amy


Soren as a Drosophila melanogaster with ebony and vestigial mutations


John Geer as a bacteriophage

Kevin as a mouse whose genome has undergone "shotgun" cloning and sequencing

Maury as a backwards glance Drosophila melanogaster with Stubble and Serrate mutations


back view of Maury
(look closely for Stubble bristles)

Beau as a giant, somewhat cuboid Drosophila melanogaster with backwards glance mutation

Lane as an albino



not pictured: Dr. H as one of Mendel's round green peas, genotype R_; yy


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