Halloween 2003 in Bio301

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Adam and Kelsey as chromosomes undergoing meiosis


Carrie as a vial of Drosophila

Annette as a pedigree (what mode of inheritance?)
Laura, Jordyn, and Megan as pea plants of different strains
Lauren and Betsy as chromosomes

Melissa P as mRNA
(with 5'cap and polyA tail)
Carissa as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Fruit Fly
(and it's a girl fly!)


Amanda as a color blind individual

(must be homozygous for allele on X chromosome!)


Ashley, Melissa M, Sarah, and Rob as nucleotides forming the appropriate hydrogen bonds in DNA



Stephen as an automated sequencing gel

getting blotted


Max as Barbara McClintock

Keeley as a temperature sensitive enzyme with substrate; April, Alina, and Kate as Siamese cats whose fur color patterns result from differential activity of this enzyme.


David as a chromosome (covered with jeans)

Dr. H as one of Barbara McClintock's corn kernels whose phenotype demonstrates the excision of transposable elements.


(ugh...terrible picture)

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