Halloween 2005 in Bio301

Ryan as Gregor Mendel with his peas



Leslie and Bevin as tRNA (they did a translation dance)

Summerlee and Anna as Drosophila of genotypes Df/CyO and */Sco, respectively, from cross 2 of our lab experiment.

Shannon and Alex as homologous chromosomes, stained to show the banding pattern, and held together during meiosis by Tim as the synaptonemal complex. Recombination hotspots are red. The telomere bouquet is at the end of each chromosome, but shown here only at one end.

Katie as a vet treating canine flu, and Lily as the avian flu virus.

Jackie as a promoter!

Caitlin and Margaret as the cloned sheep Dolly and her nucleus donor. They have the same nuclear DNA but different mitochondrial DNA (indicated by the color on the ears)

Cecily and Mimi as a bacteriophage and the infected bacterium (note the progeny bacteriophage)

Nikki and Lauren as homologous Drosophila chromosomes carrying different alleles of particular genes

Christie and Katherine as sister chromatids (note the Warner Hall shirts)

Will as a phonetic representation of the whole field of Genetics


Not shown: Dr. Hales as a nucleosome

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