Halloween 2007 in Bio301

Howell and Mark as Watson and Crick

A monohybrid cross between purebreeding strains of smooth green peas (Kristen) and wrinkled green peas (Hunter), with the resulting F1 generation (Jarrod) and F2 generation (Anne).

Kevin as a pea pod, representing classical genetics

Lindsay as a "jean-ohm" library


Brady and Amanda as two versions of the same chromosome, one with a pericentric inversion



Madison as an mRNA with 5' cap of methylguanosine and a poly-A tail



Ellen as a mosaic



Chris as a mRNA (he lost his 5' cap on the way to class)


Andy as the headless horseman, with the face of Lamarck (a Frenchman) carved in the pumpkin.


Andy explained that Lamarck's ideas about the inheritance of acquired characteristics (including amputated body parts) was wrong.

Elizabeth as a pair of sister chromatids still stuck together at the centromere


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