Halloween 2009 in Bio301


Evan as Gregor Mendel with a bowl of peas


Marielle as Gregor Mendel with a plant



Erin and Cathryn as polyploid grapes


Meagan as a knockout mouse


Rachelle as a tRNA charged with glycine


Puneet as a processed mRNA, with 5' cap and polyA tail



Danielle as a Drosphila female with red eyes and miniature wings


Charlotte as Queen Victoria, a hemophilia carrier


Lauren as a member of her own family pedigree

Dylan and Elizabeth as the top generation of a pedigree

David as a white-eyed wingless fly


Alex as DNA (right handed helix)



Madeleine and Nadia as homologous chromosomes with bands

Teresa and Jackie as complementary base pairs


Lindsay as a TATA box



Jon and Jenner as a complementary base pair making hydrogen bonds, with phosphodiester backbone

photos by Karen Hales and Jon Kass

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