Halloween 2010 in Bio301


Jared and Jamela as genomic and cDNA libraries


Jackie and Caroline as tRNAs



Katy and Laura as fruit flies with various phenotypes


Ree, Charlie, and Tam as chromosomes that have undergone reciprocal translocations and that are riddled with transposable elements


Joy as an antibody attached to a fluorophore, carrying the rabbit in which the antibodies were generated



Matt as Gregor Mendel



Colin, Nick, and Alex as bacteriophage looking for a bacterial date



Tom as a Petri dish (pea, tree, dish)


Yihharn and Hanna as a messenger RNA

Josh as a mutant fruit fly

Chris as a gel electrophoresis setup





Lynea as a karyotype

Abbie, Lindsay, and Erin as trisomy 21


Nikki as a white eyed fly

photos by Karen Hales

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