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2008 Fly meeting workshop


The 49th Annual Drosophila Research Conference will again feature a workshop for those interested in using Drosophila in research and teaching at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions (PUIs).  The workshop is being held Saturday April 5, 2008,, from 6:45 to 8:45pm, and a full description is below.

This email has a two fold purpose.  The first is to find out who is planning on attending the conference so that we can compile a list of participants.  This list has been quite helpful for making connections during the past meetings.

The second purpose is to function as the first call for undergraduate presenters for the workshop.  Undergraduates are invited to give 15 minute presentations (12 minute talk plus 3 minutes of questions) during the first part of the workshop.

If you could take a minute and respond to the following questions it will help us, Don Paetkau and Mark Hiller, to prepare the schedule for this year’s workshop.  

1.  Are you bringing students to the meeting?
2.  Are the students co-authors on a poster presentation?
3.  Is your student interested in presenting at the workshop?  If yes, please respond by February 22nd and include a short abstract of the work (it can be the same if submitted for a poster presentation).
4.  Do you know of someone else that should be receiving this email or who should be added to this email list for future meeting information (feel free to forward this email)? 

Please look for further information as the time of the meeting gets closer.   This information will come in the form of emails and/or postings on this page.

Thank you,

Don Paetkau and Mark Hiller

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