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General genetics sites
Gene Almanac from the Dolan DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Genetics Virtual Library
Genetic Science Learning Center from the University of Utah
Genome News Network from the J. Craig Venter Institute
Center for Genetics and Society
Genetics Societies Home Page
Careers in Genetics
Glossary of genetics terms from NIH
Left Handed DNA Hall of Fame

History of genetics

A History of Genetics 1965 classic by A. Sturtevant in PDF format
Genetics in Context: A Comparative Timeline (also from ESP)
Foundations of Classical Genetics 64 classic papers and books in PDF format from Electronic Scholarly Publishing
Mendel Museum of Genetics
DNA from the Beginning
DNA interactive
The Race for DNA-- Linus Pauling's perspective
Deciphering the Genetic Code Nirenberg exhibit at NIH
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Archives
Profiles in Science from the NLM; covers McClintock, Nirenberg, Lederberg, Avery.
Profile of Walter Sutton
Erwin Chargaff Papers
Nobel e-Museum
(search on DNA or genetics)
History of Genetics course by M. Dietrich at Dartmouth
The eugenics movement
Eugenics Archive

Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race Nazi eugenics exhibit at the Holocaust Museum

Books on genetics and ethics from

Human Genome Project
Official Human Genome Project site
National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI)
DOE Joint Genome Institute
Genome issue of Science
Genome issue of Nature
BBC In Depth: Human Genome

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Human genetic diseases
Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM)
Your Genes Your Health from Dolan DNA Learning Center, CSH Labs
GeneCards index of human genes, maps, protein and diseases
Genes and Disease from the NCBI
Frequency of Inherited Disorders Database
GeneTests-Gene Clinics index of genetic disorders
Birth disorder information directory searchable index with links
Cancer GeneticsWeb index and links for cancer-related genes
Neurological disorder index from the NINDS
Blazing a Genetic Trail from HHMI- describes research on genes and hereditary diseases

Model organisms
Flies, Worms, and Human Genes from HHMI
A Brief Guide to Model Organisms
WWW Virtual Library: Model Organisms
Flybase: a database of the Drosophila genome
The Interactive Fly
C. elegans genetics and genomics
The Arabidopsis Information Resource
Saccharomyces genome database
The mouse as model organism

Cloning Fact Sheet from the Human Genome Project
The Cloning of Dolly from Science Explained
How Human Cloning Will Work
Cloning- A Webliography by Susan Kendall at Michigan State
Of Clones and Clowns Robert Weinberg discusses the damage the "cloning circus"is doing to serious research (Atlantic Monthly, 6/02)
Human Reproductive Cloning online book from NatAcadPress
The Human Cloning Foundation the official site in support of human cloning
I, Clone from Scientific American

DNA testing
For disease status
Gene testing from the HGP
Understanding gene testing from NIH
Scientific American article on genetic discrimination

Liberty, privacy, and DNA databases
by Christina Rosen, The New Atlantis
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis
Ethics of PGD to select a stem cell donor for an existing person
To trace your genetic roots

Seeking ancestry in DNA (from NY Times, April 12, 2006)
The Genographic Project from National Geographic
To solve mysteries
DNA forensics from the HGP
Jefferson's Blood (Frontline from PBS)
Monticello Jefferson-Hemings Report
Romanov DNA test

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Gene therapy
Gene therapy information from the Human Genome Project
Take these genes and call me in the morning article from Wired (Sep '02)
Tumor Busting Viruses from Scientific American
The Gelsinger Case from the Wash Post
Gene Therapy results of clinical trials

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Genetically modified foods
New Scientist GM crops main page
Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology independent and objective resource
Genetics Society of America statement in support of GM crops
Dispelling "Frankenfear" the case for genetically modified crops
The Genetics Forum UK group concerned with genetic technologies
Fixing Food making allergen-free food? from Scientific American
Poison Plants? from Scientific American
The Risks on the Table from Scientific American
Brave New Nature articles from Sierra Magazine, July/Aug 2001
GM Watch
The Guardian GM food debate

Gene patenting
Genetics and Patenting from the HGP
(links to other sites and articles)
Beginners' Guide to Gene Patents
US Patent and Trademark Office
Centre for Law and Genetics
Talking Gene Patents from Scientific American
Position Statement on Gene Patents and Accessibility of Gene Testing
Biotech official suggests DNA sequences converted to music may be copyrightable

Genetics of behavior
Behavioral genetics from the HGP
Neurobiologist's Guide to Buddha encyclopedia of behaviors for which a genetic basis has been discovered
Is Homosexuality Inherited? by Richard Horton
Talk of the Nation Science Friday archive episode on the genetics of behavior

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Genetics and evolution
Genetic Origins from Dolan DNA Learning Center, CSH Labs
The Talk.Origins Archive
The Panda's Thumb
Understanding Evolution from Berkeley
No Answers in Genesis archive by John Stear
The Evidence for Evolution
Evolution origin and development of the theory
Darwin Correspondence Project
Evolution and the Fossil Record PDF from Am Geol Inst/Paleo Society

Genetics and art
Rosalind Franklin's X ray crystallographs in modern art
Abstract art and genetics from Dr. Hunter Cole
Artists mine genomic issues from Wired news
GFP Bunny

Genetics and music
Algorithmic Arts Genetic Music

Protein Music software: download info and misc links
DNA ditties article from NY Times
Steve Reich click on Three Tales- digital video opera with section on cloning

Genetics in popular culture
Center for Genetics and Society and their blog
Genetics in Literature a course at Vanderbilt taught by Jay Clayton
Novels about cloning
Movies about cloning

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