Karen G. Hales
Professor of Biology
Davidson College

Office and lab: Dana 201
Phone: (704) 894-2324
: (704) 894-2512
Mailing address: Box 7118, Davidson NC 28035
Shipping address: 209 Ridge Rd, Davidson NC 28035


On sabbatical in 2014-2015.

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Curriculum vitae

BIO111 Molecules, Genes, and Cells
BIO201 Genetics
BIO352 Group Investigation: Genetics of Mitochondrial Shaping
BIO363 Human Genetics Seminar
BIO371/372 Independent Research

Genetics links

In my laboratory we perform genetic analysis with the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster to explore the molecular mechanisms by which mitochondria are moved and shaped in cells. Mitochondria are the organelles often referred to as the "powerhouses of the cell," since they are the sites where energy from food is stored in ATP. In many cell types with unusual energy needs, mitochondria move in a regulated way to be close to energy-requiring structures such as flagella or ion pumps. In addition, mitochondria often undergo regulated fusion and division, sometimes existing as a single large network in the cell, and sometimes as many individual units. We speculate that such changes may contribute to the efficiency of ATP generation in certain contexts. In Drosophila melanogaster (as in most other higher organisms), mitochondria undergo a dramatic series of shape changes during spermatogenesis. Through the analysis of male-sterile mutants defective in mitochondrial morphogenesis, we isolate and characterize genes whose protein products function in this process. Work in the Hales lab is supported by National Science Foundation Research in Undergraduate Institutions grant 1158024 and National Institutes of Health (NIGMS) Academic Research Enhancement Award R15GM080689.

Lab members

Present: Devon Harris '15,  Gracie Gordon '15, Dennis Akrobetu '17, Brian Johnson '16, Brittany Elek '15, Shannon Doherty '17, Jon Lim '17, Lindsay Regruto (technician).

Hannah McMillan '15, Tucker Bates '15, Bethany Wagner '14, Eric Sawyer '14, Nishita Suresh '14, Megan Bannon '14, William Mitchell '13, Oshauna Morgan (JCSU '16), Olivia Brown '13, Grayam Sailor-Tynes '14, Caroline Gordon '13, Steven Myers '13, Conroy Field (Johnson C. Smith University '14), Jessica Gerard '14, Shaina McCaskill (Fayetteville State University '12), Kelsey Sheaffer '13, Sarah Pyfrom '11 (student and technician), Yihharn Hwang '12, Aaron Deal '12, Melissa Lorenzo '12, Laura McCoy '13, Julie Coursen '14, Dylan Coughtrey '11, Tessa Campbell '11, Casie Genetti '11, Chris Lima '11, Lauren Ivey '11, Rachelle Falk '12, Leah Smith '13, Taylor Gunnell '11, Caroline Shaffner '12, Madeleine Pilon '12, Laura Bergner '09, Eddie Hickman '09, Hunter Stone '09, Carolyn Wakeman '09, Kin Lau '10, Bevin English '08, Katie Wood '08, Mike Beaucaire '09, Sarah Coffey '09, Ben Whigham '07, Sarah Durnbaugh '06, Kara Koehrn '06, Anna Nam '08, Levi Benson (Colgate University '06), Lindsay Nakaishi '05, Kevin Saunders '05, Carrie Black '06, Lucy Marcil '06, Laura Sedig '07, Sarah Baxley '04, Sara Holmberg '04, Lauren Watson '06, Ty Plowshay '05, Monica Siegenthaler '03, Laura Quillian '03, Sean Burke '02, Marisa Wilson '02, Fitz Sturgill '01, Shaheen Counts '01, Samantha Lightcap (research technician), James Winkle (research technician), Shanawa Richardson '08 (research technician), Sheena Favors (research technician), Amanda Aldridge (research technician), Courtney Ewart '01 (visiting research technician), Ridling Waller (visiting scholar, spring '01).

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