BIO 111 - Molecules, Genes, and Cells
Dr. Haynes - Spring 2008


Instructor: Dr. Karmella A. Haynes

Office Hours: Tues. 10 am - 12 pm; Tues. 2 pm - 4 pm; Thurs. 10 am - 12 pm; or by appointment
Office Location: Watson Life Sciences, Room 275
Office Phone: 704-894-2603

Lecture: Chambers Hall, Room 1006
Class meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:30 AM - 10:20 PM

Lecture Schedule & Reading Assignments

Lab: Watson Life Sciences, Room 147
Section E meets every Monday, 1:30 - 4:20 pm
Section F meets every Wednesday, 1:30 - 4:20 pm

Lab Schedule


BIO 111: Molecules, Genes, and Cells is designed to help you develop critical thinking skills and learn how to conduct scientific investigations. The application of concepts in biology (not just memorization) is strongly emphasized. Bio 111 is geared towards students who have had a minimum of high school Chemistry. Your comprehension of the material and your ability to logically interpret research data will be assessed by reviews (exams), oral presentations, and lab reports (see "Grading" for details) .



Exams (Reviews)
There will be 3 exams, 1 mini-exam and 1 final exam. The exams and mini-exam consist of a take-home portion and an in-class portion. Exam questions will be based on lecture and lab material.
14% Exam 1
14% Exam 2
  8% Mini-exam
14% Exam 3
20% Final exam
70% final grade
Clicker Quizzes
"Clicker" (interactive remote control) quizzes will be given at the beginning of class every Friday. These multiple choice quizzes will be based on the reading assignments for Monday, Tuesday, and Friday of that week.
5% final grade
Lab Presentations & Reports
Attendance and full participation in lab is critical to your success in this course. You will be required to give three oral group presentations (4% each) and submit three individual written lab reports (4, 4 and 5%).
25% final grade
Class Participation
Based on attendance, overall improvement, and participation in lecture discussions. Outstanding improvement, class participation and assignments will earn a grade level increase (i.e., A- to A). Exceptionally poor participation and work will earn a grade level decrease (i.e. A- to B+). All others receive no change in grade.
+ 1 or -1 grade level change at the instructor's discretion
Grading Scale:
A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D F
100 - 95 94 - 92 91 - 89 88 - 86 85 - 83 82 - 80 79 - 77 76 - 74 73 - 71 70 - 68 67 - 0

For details on assignments, see the Assignment Help Guide at


I will take attendance to facilitate a more objective means for assigning the class participation grade. In order to receive a passing grade in this course, you cannot miss more than 5 classes without a legitimate reason. Legitimate reasons include illness requiring physician’s care, family emergency, etc. Unacceptable reasons include social functions, sleeping in, exams in other classes, etc.


The take-home exam format is a privilege made possible by the Honor Code. If you violate my trust you will be reported to the Honor Counsel and 100% of the exams (including essays!) will be restricted to the 50 minutes in class. You are required to not cheat on these tests, and to report to me or the Dean of Students any violations you observe or hear about second hand. This means that even your lab partners or best friends must be reported if you know they are cheating. The entire system will break down when individuals make exceptions to the rule in order to spare their friends. The content of all written assignments are also covered by the Honor Code. It is fine to ask someone for help how to use software, but it is unacceptable for you to "borrow" text and original ideas from another student, document, or electronic source unless you explicitly cite the reference. Consult the Davidson College Department of Biology Statement on Plagiarism ( for details.

ADDENDUM (1/30/08)

Quiz Policy: Your two lowest quiz grades will be dropped at the end of the semester. For this semester (Spring '08) there are 12 quizzes total, which means that only 10 will be calculated as part of your final grade.

Students will benefit in two ways:
1. The quiz grade will now allow for excused absences (an excused absence might make you miss a quiz)
2. Marked improvement later in the semester will be rewarded.