Human Biology Lab - Spring 2011

Laboratory Schedule

All of the information needed for the laboratory will be provided in your lab handouts.  You should ALWAYS look over the lab handouts PRIOR to your scheduled lab period and bring your handout with you to the lab! (I will not have extra copies available.)  You do not need to purchase a special lab notebook but you should keep all of your lab information together so you can bring it with you to lab and have it for studying for lab tests. Be sure to note the dates of the lab tests on your calendar!

Note:  Lab subjects may change depending on the availability of materials and/or coordination with lecture topics.  I will keep you informed of any changes that occur.


Jan. 12, 13

No lab

Jan. 19, 20
The Scientific Process & Scientific Claims
Jan. 26, 27
Membrane Transport Experiment
Feb. 2, 3

Microscope Investigation - Cells & Tissues

Feb. 9, 10

Enzyme Investigation

Feb. 16, 17 LAB TEST #1
Feb. 23, 24 Dietary Analysis and Fitness
Mar. 2, 3
Mar. 9, 10
Musculoskeletal System - Structure & Function
Mar. 16, 17 Anatomy - Dissection of the Fetal Pig #1
Mar. 23, 24 Anatomy - Dissection of the Fetal Pig #2
Mar. 30, 31 LAB TEST #2
Apr. 6, 7 Physiology Experiment
Apr. 13, 14
DNA & the Cell Cycle
Apr. 20, 21

Human Genetics


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