Biology Department Speakers Series

Spring 2005

1) January 18, 19, or 20
Student Panel on Summer Research Opportunitie

2) Thursday, January 27
Dr. Samantha Kerry (Duke)
T cell activation OR innate immunity in C. elegans
4:30 - Dana 146
Hosted by Dr. Bern

3) Thursday, February 03
Dr. Peter Fields (Franklin & Marshall College)
Biochemical adaptation to extreme environments
date/time/location to be determined
Hosted by Dr. Bernd & sponsored by the Merck program

4) Thursday, February 10
The Biology Department's Annual Darwin Party
See previous party pictures
time/location to be determine

5) Thursday, February 17
Dr. Jonathan Marks (UNCC)
Human Genome Project & Race
7 PM - location to be determined
Hosted by Dr. Cho

6) --HHMI neuroscience post doc candidate seminars likely to be held some time in February-

7) Tuesday, March 15
Dr. Philip Hockberger (Northwestern University)
Imaging/Confocal Microscopy Seminar
4:30 - Dana 146
Hosted by Dr. Lom

8) Thursday, March 31
Dr. Karen Schlauch (George Mason)
Math/Biology/Genomics Seminar
4:30 - Dana 146
come early for refreshments
Hosted by Drs. Campbell & Heyer

9) Wednesday, April 06
Dr. Rudolph Tanzi (Harvard)
Smith Lecture
Genetic Basis of Alzheimer's Disease
7:30 - Duke Family Performance Hall
Hosted by Drs. Peroni & Hales

10) Mid April
NeuroNight – dinner & short talks by neuroscience research students
Time/location to be determined

11) Tuesday, April 26
Dr. Joe DiRisi (UCSF)
HHMI Lecture
Microarrays & Genomics
Biology Seminar: 4:00 - Hance Auditorium
Public lecture (general audience): 7:30 - 900 Room
Hosted by Dr. Campbell

12 - 14) Late April
Biology Honors Project Student Presentations
John Burkhardt, '05
Sarah Davis, '05
Sarah Budishak, '05
dates/times/locations to be determined


Fall 2004

1) Tuesday, September 14 – 4:30 - Dana 146

Dr. Jeff Steinmetz (Queens)

Aquatic-terrestrial linkages: from the rivers to the sea

Hosted by Chris Paradise


2) Thursday 09/23/04 – 4:30 – Dana 146

Dr. Wesley Burks (Duke)

Peanut Allergy:  Development of a Peanut Vaccine

Hosted  by Pam Hay


3) Thursday 9/30/04 -  4:30 – Dana 146

Dr. Chuck Peterson (Idaho State)

Spatial Distribution and the Conservation of Amphibians and Reptiles in the Intermountain West

Hosted  by Mike Dorcas


4) Tuesday 10/05/04 - 7:30 - 900 room

Dr. James  Trussell, ‘71 (Princeton)

Emergency Contraception: Still the  Nation’s Best Kept Secret

Hosted  by Georgia Ringle (co-sponsored with Math, Econ, Premed, Public  Lectures, etc.)


5) Thursday 10/14/04 – 4:30 - Dana 146

Dr. Sarah Webster (Davidson)

Open and Shut: Building a biophysical case for the motions of gating in a voltage-gated K+ channel

Hosted by Barbara Lom (co-sponsored with Neuroscience)


6) Tuesday 11/09/04 - 4:30 – Dana 146

Chris Korey  (College of Charleston)

Flies 'R' Us:  Drosophila and Human Disease

Hosted  by Karen Hales



Spring 2004

1) Shea Tuberty, Dept. of Biology, Appalacian State University
""Conservation Physiology: The Role of Endocrinology in Protection and Management of Animal Populations"

2) Inna Sokolova, Dept. of Biology, UNCC.
"Effects of heavy metals and temperature on bioenergetics of marine poikilotherms"

3) Jonathan Beckwith, Dept. of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Harvard.
"Adventures in the gene trade: A social activist in science."

4) Sara Holmberg ('04) Honors Thesis Defense
"Localization of nmd gene product in Drosophila melanogaster spermatids"

5) Sarah Baxley ('04) Honors Thesis Defense
"Using rescue constructs to determine if CG5395 corresponds to nmd in Drosophila melanogaster"

6) Nicole Harlan ('04) Honors Thesis Defense
"Habitat size modifies abiotic factors and communities in artificial treeholes"

7) Leslie Cook ('04) Honors Thesis Defense
"The Pesticide Malathion Reduces Growth and Survival in the Development of Zebrafish, Danio rerio"


Fall 2003

1) Glenn White, Wingate University
"Stress Response in the Nematode, Caenorhabditis elegans: A New Look at an
Old Way to Torture Worms"

2) Rick Thompson, Bowdoin College
"The good, the bad, and the sexy: How brain neurochemistry affects social

3) Traci Jesse, UNC-CH
"Abl Tyrosine Kinase Regulates Cellular Adhesion and Actin Dynamics"

4) Eric Marlan, Appalachian State University

5) Richard Kessin, Columbia University
"A walk in the North Carolina woods, a Legionnaire’s disease outbreak, and
how they are connected"

6) Dr. Rodney Mauricio ,University of Georgia
"Ecological and evolutionary genetics of natural populations"

7) Gray Lyons ('04) Honors Thesis Defense
"Retargeting Recombinant Adenoviral Vectors Expressing Bone Morphogenic Protein 2 (BMP2) to Improve the Efficacy of Bone Formation in Mice with Applications in Spinal Fusion"

Spring 2003

1) Kris Helmerson, NIST
"Optical Tweezers: An interdisciplinary tool of science"

2) Becky Sparks-Thissen, Dept. of Pathology, Wash U.
"CD4 T cell control of murine gammaherpesvirus 68 latency"

3) Elizabeth Sztul, Dept. of Cell Biology, UAB "Transport Vessicles from ER to Golgi"

4) Brenda Bondesen ('00) and Grace Pavlath, Emory University,
"The effects of anti-inflammatory drugs on skeletal muscle regeneration."

5) April 10: Kelly Carter ('00) "Life on the outside: Medical school and research after Davidson."

6) April 25: Kristine Grayson ('03) will present her Honors research "Seasonal Body Temperature Variation in the Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta)"

7) April 30: Emily Oldham ('03) will present her Genomics Major research "Exploring the limitations of DNA microarray technology: a case study in quality control"

Fall 2002

1) Simon Tavare, Depts. of Mathematics and Preventive Medicine, USC

2) Bill Conner, Dept of Biology, Wake Forest

3) Lowell Rayburn ('99), Dept. of Genetics, UGa

4) Mark O'Donohue, Mecklenburg County Health Dept.
West Nile Virus in Mecklenburg County in 2002.

5) William Schlesinger, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke

6) Dr. Josh Gross, Harvard University
"Development of the taste system: How the nerves find their way."

Spring 2002

1) Raul Cano - California Polytechnic State University: Ancient DNA (public lecture and Dept. seminar)

2) Margarida Barroso - University of Virginia: FRET measurements of membrane trafficing

Fall 2001

1) Brooke McCartney - UNC - Chapel Hill: Cell Signaling

2) Michael Pierce - University of Georgia: Glycobiology

3) Bill Hopkins - Savannah River Ecology Laboratory: Ecotoxicology

4) Wayne Silver - Wake Forest University: Olfaction

5) Meredith Judy - Davidson Assistant Town Planner - GIS

6) Rick Drake - Eastern Virgina Medical School: Proteomics

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