LABORATORY (25% of total grade)
Each week we will conduct an investigation focusing on the topic or topics discussed in lecture. Some laboratory experiments may require data collection over several days and you will be required to come into the laboratory during non-class hours to complete the project. Complete understanding of laboratory sessions will depend heavily on a thorough understanding of the lecture material and assigned readings. Generally, you will work in groups of three or four, but may work in pairs. Discussion of questions posed during each laboratory is expected within each lab group.
For one of the labs, you must analyze your data and write a short group report (no more than five typed, double-spaced pages). I will discuss this in class in great detail. The report should take the form of a short scientific paper. This includes: (1) an introduction describing the objective(s) of the experiment, (2) the methods used to achieve the objective(s), (3) a concise summary of the results, (4) a short discussion and interpretation of the results, (5) literature cited. Graphs and/or tables illustrating your results should be included in each report.

This paper is due as a hardcopy at 815 AM on 20 November (i.e., beginning of lecture).

Instructions for the paper are given in class and details can be found HERE.

This class requires the use of a live and dead animals. If you have a problem with the use of animals in research or teaching or if you have a problem with the sacrificing of animals for scientific experiments, you should talk to me immediately.

Your laboratory grade will consist of the following:

Scientific Paper – Goldfish lab 40%
Oral Presentation 20%
Graded Dissection 07%
Dissection Practical 33% - Key Fall 2012

Laboratory Schedule
Instructions for each lab are (will be) online.

Week of
Sept 3 Lab Introduction and Orientation
Sept 10 Evolution Mechanisms Simulations (Population Genetics Problems - with answers) (Populus software)
Sept 17 No Lab - MD gone to UCF to give Seminar
Sept 24 How the Guppy Got It's Spots – SimBio Simulations
Oct 1 BioBlitz - Biotic Inventory of Davidson College Ecological Preserve (Liability Form - must be signed and returned)
Oct 8 Keystone Predator - SimBio Simulations
Oct 15 No Lab - FALL BREAK
Oct 22 Presenting and Analyzing Biological Data (no handout)/Library Resources
Oct 29 Golfish Physiology/Behavior
Nov 5 Fetal Pig Anatomy (structures to know)
Nov 12 Fetal Pig Anatomy (structures to know)
Nov 19 Fetal Pig Anatomy (structures to know)
Nov 26 Practical Exam (Fetal Pig Anatomy)
Dec 3 Oral Presentations CONSERVATION BIOLOGY