Imaging the Earth

Student Web Pages

Fall Semester 2001

The following are student-created web sites that focus on various topics of interest to them and how those issues have been addressed using GIS and related technologies.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in Archaeology - Nicholas Blackwell
Vegetation Mapping in Madagascar - Dan Boritt
Shakin' Up GIS -- Examining the Uses of GIS and GPS Technology to Better Understand Seismic Activity - Ben Edwards
The Use of GIS in Epidemiology - Kristine Grayson
GIS and Cetacans- Overcoming Marine Biology's Toughest Problems - Amber Hartman
Applying Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to Waste Management - Heather Maloney
Using Geographical Information Systems to Explore Alcohol-Related Problems - Leah Martineau
GIS Role in Emergency Management and Response - Liz Shaffer
Applications of GIS: Rattlesnake Conservation - David Stroupe
GIS and Wildlife Management - Kathryn Tate
Working Towards Sustainable Development: Integrating Indigenous Knowledge and Geographic Information Systems - Christa Wagner
The Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Marine Turtle Research - J.D. Willson

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