Animal Physiology Project Needs

You should copy this page to an email, fill it out carefully and completely, and email it to me ASAP.

Your Names:

Proposed Title of Project:

Animal species you will be working with:

How many animals will you need:

Any particular characteristics of the animals that are required (e.g., sex, size)?

Date that you will need the animals:

Any particular requirements regarding the animal subjects youwill be working with? (e.g., sex, life stage, .....)


Is an animal protocol needed for this project? Yes No

If so, does your project fall under a protocol Dr. Dorcas already has?

What materials will you need for your project (be specific and be complete) - if you leave something out, we may not be able to help you acquire it later.

Will you need to use temperature controlled environmental chambers?

If so, what temperature(s) and how many chambers will you need?

Provide an schedule of your project (when you will start, when you will be done, when you will need environmental chambers, etc.) - give real dates. Include the date you need your animals.
NOTE: You should speak extensively with Ms. Amy Becton regarding proper care of your animals and make sure you understand all that is involved. Failure to properly care for your animal will likely result in termination of your project and a failing grade.

Other things I need to know about your project?