Heteroteuthis dispar
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Last Updated 10.25.2005

Heteroteuthis dispar is a mesopelgic species that is able to bioluminesce using bacterial symbionts housed in photophores and by excreteing a luminescent cloud. One large visceral photophore is found on the ventral surface and contains two pores through which the luminescent material is extruded. An irridescent shutter covers the photophore and aids in filtering and controlling the light emissions (Young 1996). This cloud is synonomous to an ink cloud, but adapted to the dark waters of the meso and bathypelagic zones.

Figures (above and left): H. dispar Photographed by Richard Young.

Figure (right): ventral photophore in H. dispar. Note two pores to expell luminescent cloud. Photographed by Richard Young.

Figure modified from homepage