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Last Updated 10.25.2005
Here, we delve into the depths of the ocean to understand the bioluminescence of squid. You have experienced bioluminescence if you have ever seen a firefly flash on a summer’s night. Those brilliantly glowing jellyfish and flickering fisheyes at the aquarium are examples of bioluminescence as well.
Animal Physiology is one of many lenses of biology through which to observe and seek to understand the natural world. HOT TOPICS developed by undergraduate students at Davidson College take a closer look at why animals do what they do. Each page explores a different aspect of physiology or the functions of a specific animal.
Take some time to navigate this site and learn something about the phenomenon that is “living light”.

Abraliopsis: photo used with permission of Richard Young

Figure: Side view of a fossil belemnoid "Acanthoteuthis" from Solenhofen, Germany and in the collection of the U. S. National Museum of Natural History. Photographed by Richard Young.

Bioluminescence in Squid