Uses of Torpor:

Many discussions about how and when hummingbirds use torpor have been raised, especially among researchers who study different species of hummingbirds (Bech 1997, Geiser 1995, McKechnie 2002, Powers 2003). It appears that there is no one formulaic answer to the questions of when a hummingbird uses torpor. Due to differing life histories, different species of hummingbirds address the issues of torpor use in different ways.
Low food intake stress: Hummingbirds generally enter torpor when unable to consume enough energy.
Migratory hummingbirds: Some migratory hummingbirds use torpor to retain stored energy for migration.

Territorial birds versus non-territorial birds:

Territorial hummingbirds are less likely to enter torpor than non-territorial birds.

Seasonal use of torpor:

Hummingbirds can have seasonal shifts in frequency and strength of torpor bouts.




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