Important Terms
  • Bradycardia=Reduced heart rate

Bradycardia Graph

Bradycardia observed in a diving seal. Data adapted from R.S. Elsner (1998) by Erik Seedhouse.

  • Residual Volume=Air volume remaining in the lungs after exhaling as deep as possible.
  • Mammalian Diving Reflex=Physiologic responses to immersion that include (a) bradycardia, (b) decreased cardiac output, (c) lactate accumulation in under-perfused muscle, (d) increased peripheral vasoconstriction.
  • Diving Response or Mammalian Diving Reflex (MDR)=The mechanism controls the shift of blood to the brain and hear
  • Aerobic Dive Limit (ADL)=The longest dive that a marine mammal can make while relying principally on oxygen stored in the lungs, blood and muscles to maintain aerobic metabolism. 

Photo provided by Corel with permission


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