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Want to learn more about cuttlefish and see more pictures? Check out the links below!


NOVA Online: Kings of Camouflage- This site gives great background information on cuttlefish, from their anatomy to basic cuttlefish camouflage patterns.

National Geographic- There are several articles on cuttlefish camouflage on the National Geographic website that are easy to understand. There are also some great photos here too.

The Georgia Aquarium- Contains a easy-to-understand yet thorough fact sheet about the European cuttlefish.

Marine Bio- Another website with thorough background information and pictures of cuttlefish.

Elasmodiver- If you want to find some great images of cuttlefish, especially the Giant Australian cuttlefish, check out Andy Murch's photos here.

Natural History Photography by Phillip Colla- Check out this website if you're looking for more quality pictures of cuttlefish.


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