Polar Bears
Phylogeny of Polar Bears
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Every year at Christmas time, my family makes our annual trip to New York City. This longstanding tradition conjures magical memories of lights, large buildings, fabulous shopping, and my dear friends Ida and Gus. In the five days we spend in the city, my family attempts to learn something new, see something new, and eat something new; but every year without fail we visit the Central Park Zoo. Can you guess my favorite exhibit? The Polar Bears.

Photo credit: Daniel J. Cox @ NaturalExposures.com

My fascination with polar bears came at a young age and was only strengthened by Coca-Cola advertisements that became increasingly popular in the early 1990s. My knowledge though never moved beyond what I could read on signs surrounding the animals’ cage until this project came along. The opportunity to look at the physiology of polar bears has given an even deeper appreciation for this beautiful species. I hope by sharing my knowledge you will also come to know the wonders of this Arctic animal.

Sadly, this year when we return to Central Park Zoo only Gus will be able to welcome us to the Big Apple. On June 3, 2011 Ida was put to sleep after 25 years. She suffered from liver disease caused by cancer (12).

To read Ida’s obituary in the New York Times, click here.
To check in on Gus, click here.                                         


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