Norops intermedius

Norops lemurinus

Norops oxylophus

Norops pentaprion


Norops is the largest genus of anolid lizards. Within the genus there are species of all sizes and habitat preferences.

N. humilus is an small, abundant, terrestrial, forest species which preys on a variety of arthropods.

N. intermedius is a small, diurnal, arboreal species of the mountain slopes.

N. lemurinus is a moderate-sized, diurnal, arboreal species which prefers the forest shade areas, is solitary in nature, and feeds on a variety of arthropods.

N. limnifrons is a small, abundant, diurnal, terrestrial, open area species preying on arthropods except ants.

N. oxylophus is a moderately large semi-aquatic species feeding on spiders, beetles, homopterans, and dipterans.

N. pentaprion is a small arboreal species which mainly eats flying insects such as beetles and flies.

Source: Savage, Jay M. 2002. The Amphibians and Reptiles of Costa Rica. The University of Chicago Press, Chicago. 935pp.


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