Exploring the Yucatan

Mike Dorcas and Kristine Grayson journeyed to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico to meet up with Dr. Bill Ringle of the Davidson Anthropology Department. We visited the newly established Kaxil Kiuic bio reserve where Dr. Ringle and collaborators from Millsaps College and Mexico are conducting archaeological research. We were able to meet a local university student, Cesar Gonzalez Martinez, interested in starting herpetology research in the area and access the infrastructure for future herpetology projects. Though it was the dry season, we found ten species of amphibians and reptiles. More importantly, we met some great folks and saw a beautiful area with a lot of potential for future herpetology research.

First Stop: Uxmal- a reconstructed Mayan ruins
We find a very appropriate structure
The House of the Turtles
Ctenosaura similis- all over the rocks!
Cesar stalks a similis
Next stop: Kaxil Kiuic bio reserve (the ruins date back to 700-900 AD)
Checking a water hole
First Kiuic find: Ameiva undulata
From a hollow log- Rana berlandieri
A large pond in Kiuic
The first snake! Coniophanes meridanus
We visit Xocnaceh, a middle pre-classic dig site
And find Norops rodriguez on a tree
Cesar takes us to the mangroves and we find a DOR Drymarchon corais
Kristine and Cesar find a Trachemys scripta
Kristine and the scripta
Overall- a great trip!

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