Everglades Python Study - December 2005

From December 7-11, Dr. Dorcas and student Shannon Pittman travelled to the Everglades to help search for Burmese Pythons (Python molurus bivittatus) and perform surgeries implanting radiotransmitters into their body cavities. The radiotransmitters will allow the movements of the pythons to be tracked, and various aspects of their behavior to be studied.


Searching for Pythons

  Found - dead python  


The Surgery

16.2 foot python lethargic after being in a bag recovers in the trunk!
anesthetizing the python performing the surgery situating the snake for surgery
  the captors of the 16.2 foot python  



Other Herps

(photo: JD Willson)

(photo: JD Willson)

(photo: JD Willson)

Agkistrodon piscivorus

Chelydra serpentina Elaphe guttata
Farancia abacura

Dierochelys reticularia

Crotalus adamanteus

(photo: JD Willson)

(photo: JD Willson)

Crocodylus acutus Nerodia fasciata Nerodia floridana


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