Potential Sources of Research Funding for Students

The page contains information on opportunities to fund undergraduate student research.

General Funding Sources:

1. Council for Undergraduate Research - Summer Fellowships in Science. Apply with a faculty member for summer research funding typically ranging from $3000-$5000. Go to http://www.cur.org/fellowships.html for details. Deadline: November

2. National Science Foundation - Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program (REU). A program that awards stipends for student research projects during the summer at organized research sites (usually at a university). Go to http://www.nsf.gov/home/crssprgm/reu/start.htm for a more information and a list of sites. Deadlines vary with each site.

3. The North Carolina Academy of Science - Yarbrough Grants: Visit NCAS at http://www.ncacadsci.org/grants.htm. However, the site is not updated very regularly so it is best to get an application from a faculty member. Requires an advisor and two other letters of recommendation. Deadline: Late March/Early April.

4. Sigma Xi Research Grants. Awarded for specialized equipment and travel to a research site ranging from $100 to $1000. Go to http://www.sigmaxi.org/programs/giar/index.shtml for the online application (you have to actually fill out and submit the application online). Requires an advisor and one other letter of support. Deadline: October 15 and March 15.

5. American Museum of Natural History - Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Fund. For research on North American fauna in any phase of wildlife conservation or natural history. Go to http://research.amnh.org/grants/grantsprog.html for more information. Deadline: Mid February. See also the Frank M. Chapman Memorial Grants (ornithology), Lerner-Gray Grants (marine research), and Collection Study Grants (study of the a collection at the American Museum). These each have their own deadlines.

Also visit the Davidson College Grants and Contracts homepage: http://www2.davidson.edu/academics/gc/acad_gc.asp


Herpetologically Oriented Funding Sources:

1. North Carolina Herpetological Society - Website: http://www.ncherps.org/. Announcement of award and application information found in the NC Herp Society Newsletter.

2. Chicago Herpetological Society Grants. Given in the following categories: 1. Illinois Herpetology 2. Graduate Student Research in Herpetology 3. Undergraduate Research in Herpetology 4. Conservation 5. Captive Management, Husbandry, and Propagation. Awards up to $500. Go to http://www.chicagoherp.org/grants/rules.html for application details. Deadline: Late December.

3. Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles - Grants-in-Herpetology. Awards of $500 given in the following categories: Conservation, field research, laboratory research, education, travel, international, and bibliographic research. Go to http://www.ssarherps.org/pages/GIH.php for more information. Must apply by late December for the next year and be a member of SSAR.

4. The Linnaeus Fund- Annual Turtle Research Awards. Priority given to freshwater turtle projects in taxonomy and systematic relationships, conservation, distribution and zoogeography, ecology, natural history, and morphology. Awards range from $1000-$2000 and approximately ten awards are given annually. Go to http://www.chelonian.org/linnaeus/ for more details. Deadline: November 15.

5. Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians. Given for reseach in veterinary medicine. See http://www.arav.org/grants.htm for more information.. Deadline: Mid-September.


The Center for North American Herpetology has links to other opportunities for graduate fellowships and other awards aimed at postgraduate research. Dr. Charles R. Peterson (Idaho State University) has also provided a Herpetological Funding Sources page.

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