The Effects of Urbanization on Local First-Order Streams: One Year Later

Kristen K. Cecala, Steven J. Price, William Ringle, and Michael E. Dorcas

Davidson College

Site # 9

Area before disturbance.

Literature Cited
Anthropology Department
Davidson College Herpetology Laboratory

Area following disturbance. The pink polygon in the background indicates the watershed for this stream, and the yellow dots reflect our sampling points within the stream. The orange polygon reflects cleared land for this site.

Site Details:

Watershed Area (m^2 ) 164,587
Area of Disturbance (m^2 ) 130,463
% of Disturbed Watershed 79.27%
Minimum Distance of Disturbance (m) 0
Maximum Distance of Disturbance (m) 14
Δ Water Temperature (C ) -2.15
Δ Conductivity (μs) 71.56
Δ pH 0.79
Δ Dissolved Oxygen (%) -10.97
Δ % Sand -7.50
Δ % Detritus 7.50
Δ % Fine Sediments 15.75
Δ Stream Width (cm) -24.13
Δ Stream Depth (cm) -2.53

* Δ is defined as the average change from 2005 to 2006 following disturbance.

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