The Newcomers

From left to right: Kim Lang, Charlotte Steelman, & Sarah Rhodes.


Kim - Hi, my name is Kim Lang and I’m from Colts Neck, NJ.  I’m currently a sophomore at Davidson College where I run cross-country, am a member of Rusk Eating House, and an overnight host for prospective students.  This is my first year as a member of the Herp Lab - I’m currently helping out with the drift fence and other projects for which people request an extra pair of hands. 


Charlotte - My name is Charlotte Steelman, and I'm a sophomore at Davidson from Atlanta, GA. I'm currently considering a biology major and premed concentration. This is my first semester working in the Herpetology lab. I'm helping with the drift fence and other Herp projects.


Sarah - I'm Sarah Rhodes and I'm also a Davidson sophomore considering a biology major. I'm from right down the road in Concord, NC. This summer I occasionally worked with Kristen and Steve on the salamander mark-recapture project and this semester I am helping out with the drift fence.


Any questions? Shoot us an email -,, or .