David Millican

I am a freshman at Davidson College interested in majoring in the sciences. I have been interested in snakes ever since I was young and have more recently begun to nourish that growing interested. I assist in running the Herpetology lab drift fence, and I take care of the outreach animals in the lab.



This past spring I tried my hand at breeding corn snakeswith eleven of thirteen babies surviving.


From July to November of 2006, during my senior year at Grimsley High School in Greensboro, North Carolina, I performed a population survey of two streams in Guilford County. I compared what I found to my results from basic stream quality tests (i.e. pH, dissolved oxygen, etc.) to determine if there was any corralation between water quality and herp populations.

  Herpetology Lab Some pictures were taken from the websites of the Little River Research Station and National Geographic.