Emory Pierson Hill

Class of 2005

Contact Information:

Davidson College Box 5208

Davidson, NC 28035-5208

(704) 894-7402

Email: pihill@davidson.edu


-         The captive maintenance and husbandry of colubrid snakes

-         Reptile and amphibian ecology and conservation


-Habitat Selection by Black Rat Snakes (Panterophis obsoletus) in the Western Piedomont of North Carolina. E. Pierson Hill, William J. Johnson, Michael E. Dorcas

-The Plausibility of Sympatric Mimetism among Coral Snakes (Micrurus) and Colubrid Snakes

- Texas A & M Marine Lab, 1997

- La Selva Biological Research Station, Costa Rica, 1998


-         The Snakes of North Florida, presented to The Capital Medical Society Father/Son Banquet, Tallahassee, FL, 1999

Current Studies:

-         Collection/release and monitoring of reptiles and amphibians in the Davidson College Ecological Preserve 

-         The captive husbandry and maintenance of ratsnakes of the genera Elaphe and Spilotes

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