Madeleine Kern


  I am currently a senior biology major at Davidson College. As a member of the Herpetology Lab, I've worked on and even helped design a few research projects. As part of an Independent Research course during my sophomore year, I collaborated with another student to investigate the effects of microhabitat variables on spotted salamander oviposition site selection under the guidance of Dr. Dorcas. I have also assisted in the capture and marking of spotted salamanders in the Cowan's Ford wetlands. During the summer of 2011, I worked in the Herpetology Lab doing research on turtle populations in golf course ponds and documenting reptile and amphibian species within the Broad River Basin in South Carolina. This past summer I conducted research in Edisto Island, South Carolina, investigating optimal egg size and morphological constraint to egg size in diamondback terrapins. This year I will be using the data I collected on the terrapins to develop and defend an Honors Thesis.