Michelle Kirlin

My Independent Research Project

Effects of Weather/Environmental Variables on Spring-Breeding Frogs

Michelle Gooch and I are working on a project that plans to examine the effects of various weather/environmental variables on the calling of spring breeding frogs in Upper Mecklenburg County. We plan to make a model of the effects of weather variables on the calling activity of frogs using an automated recording system. Then we plan to test this model to determine if it can accurately predict the calling activity of spring breeding frogs by conducting manual frog calling surveys at about 25 ponds in Upper Mecklenburg County and comparing the effects of weather variables on the frogs in the calling surveys to the effects of weather variables on the frogs as predicted by the model.


About Me!

I am a current sophomore biology major at Davidson College, in Davidson, North Carolina. I am from McLean, Virginia and graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in 2003. Outside of class I am involved in the Davidson College Orchestra, Brass Ensemble, French horn private lessons and the Davidson College Dance Ensemble.


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