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Current Members:

Mike Dorcas
Kristen Cecala
Jackie Guzy
Christian Oldham
Adriana Nassar
Kaity Anstrom
Bryan Currinder
Lauren Carter
Whitner Chase
Chance Ruder
Chandler Gray
Grayam Sailor-Tynes
Gage Holloway
Maddie Kern
Nitya Rao
Paul Helms
David Reagan
Rebeca McKee
Sarah Bowers
Stephanie Hunt
Austin Vernon
Tia Akins
George Schaaf

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Fall 2012

The Herpetology Laboratory at Davidson College is directed by Dr. Michael Dorcas. To find out more about us and what we have been up to, you can visit the homepages of the herp lab students and staff below by clicking on their name to the left.

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