Wesley Anderson

About me...

My name is Wesley Anderson and I'm a freshman at Davidson College. I'm originally from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and have done a fair amount of herping around my state.

I've been involved with the herp lab since my entrance into the college. My responsibilities include caring for all of the animals in the lab and checking the drift fence among other things. I have yet to become involved with any research, but I hope to change that soon.

I like all herps but have a particular interest in snakes. Over the years I've kept and observed many ophidian species in captivity and the wild. I have a particular interest in rear-fanged colubrids.


Here are some photographs of rear-fanged colubrids I've kept in the past

Pair of Langaha madagascariensis (Madagascar Leaf-nosed Snake) - note the sexual dimorphism
Male Langaha madagascariensis consuming an anole
Male Chrysopelea ornata (Ornate Flying Snake) - skittish but handleable
My beautiful pair of Hydrodynastes gigas (False Water Cobra)...One of my favorite species
Male Hydrodynastes gigas
Female Hydrodynastes gigas
Leioheterodon madagascariensis (Madagascar Giant Hognose Snake) - ravenous mouse eater
Close-up shot of my male Leioheterodon madagascariensis
Female Chrysopelea ornata - incredibly aggressive and bitey
Group shot of Enydris chinensis (Chinese Water Snake) out of water
Enhydris chinensis - very cool, almost fully aquatic snake
Enhydris chinensis - ventral shot

Please contact: weanderson@davidson.edu if you have any questions

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