Lynea Witczak

I am a junior here at Davidson College and have been an active member of the Herpetology Lab since my freshman year. I am currently studying abroad in Kenya for a semester with the School for Field Studies.
Since starting classes at Davidson College I have been an active member of the Herp Lab, assisting with the Drift Fence and various outreach programs. This past year I began working with the weather station on the Davidson College Ecological Preserve. In the spring I traveled with Dr. Dorcas and the rest of the Herp Investigations class to Costa Rica to study the herpetofauna in Palo Verde, Monte Verde, and La Selva. I have traveled to Kiawah in South Carolina for the past two summers to assist with the ongoing terrapin study and plan to continue helping with this research. Additionally, this past summer I traveled with Dr. Dorcas to the Everglades to catch pythons. One of the pythons that we caught is currently being used in Dr. Dorcas' python study that is taking place at the Savannah River Ecology Lab. I was also able to help out with the herp surveys taking place at the Lee Nuclear Station in South Carolina this summer.
My sophomore year I worked with Dr. Dorcas on developing a method to determine the economic value of herpetafauna in the London Creek area. I continued my study on the economic value of herps, looking at local species, and presented my data at the ASB meeting in Alabama in April. To read my abstract, click here. I recently submitted my paper and it is currently in review. This summer I researched the effects of urbanization on reproductive success and juvenile survivorship in local semi-aquatic turtles. I recieved a grant from the Davidson Research Initiative to fund my research this summer. To read my DRI proposal, click here.
I am also a member of Davidson College's Swim and Dive team. Swimming has been a passion of mine since I was six years old and continues to be a huge part of my life. In past years I have swum with Rockville Montgomery Swim Club as part of the National Training Group, Sherwood High School Swim and Dive, and in the Montgomery County Swim League with Tanterra.
If you want to get in touch with me feel free to email me at: