Duke-Davidson Immunology Partnership

The Duke-Davidson Immunology Partnership was established in 2009 by Dr. Sarafova, who is a full time Associate Professor in the Davidson Biology Department and an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Duke Immunology Department. This program aims to provide Davidson students with an exposure to the subject of immunology from academic and research perspectives, while allowing graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at Duke an opportunity to hone their teaching and mentoring skills. Typically, interested Davidson students would take the Immunology Class (Bio 307) and Seminar on Case Studies in Immune System Dysfunction (Bio 364) during their junior year. Then they can apply for the Duke-Davidson Immunology Summer Program, a ten-week intensive research program at Duke. Independent research in Immunology and Genetics is also available with Dr. Sarafova (Bio371/2) and can be started at any time. All interested students also have the opportunity to accompany Dr. Sarafova to the Duke Immunology Department Retreat each fall, as well as to the Tuesday Invited Speaker Series at Duke, class schedule permitting. Duke graduate students and postdoctoral fellows have the opportunity to teach at the undergraduate level at Davidson for up to two weeks as guest lecturers in Dr. Sarafova's classes.

Upcoming Events

Duke Immunology Retreat Invited Speaker Series International Immunology Day

Duke Immunology Retreat 2014

Friday, September 12, 4 pm till Saturday, September 13, 4 pm

Wilmington, NC

Contact Dr. Sarafova for registration and car pooling

The list for Fall 2014 can be found here

For transportation options contact Dr. Sarafova

The idea for Day of Immunology was brought to life by the European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS) on April 29, 2005. A few years later it became truly international as researchers world-wide realised the importance of bringing immunology awareness to the public at large. For more information see

www. dayofimmunology.org



Summer Research Program

Outstanding Davidson students who have taken at least one of the following classes - Bio307, Bio364, or Bio371/2 - are invited to apply for a 10-week research internship in an immunology laboratory at Duke University. The program offers research training and complete immersion in lab culture at a laboratory involved in cutting edge immunology research. In addition, the selected students will participate in a weekly research seminar and social hour with undergraduate fellows from other summer research programs at Duke, a workshop about how to apply successfully to graduate school, and a closing symposium in which all summer research fellows will present their results in poster format. The program also aims to bridge the gap between research and industry by including field trips to Triangle area biotechnology firms and providing an industrial research scientist mentor.

There is usually one opening each summer. The successful candidate is required to apply for a NCBC Undergraduate Biotechnology Research Fellowship and will receive Duke housing, a stipend, and lab supply funds at amounts dependent on the successful award of the fellowship. The students who participated in the summer of 2011 and 2012 successfully obtained the fellowship, so now the program has established a good record with the granting agency. Look for the most recent announcement on this site as well as in the Bio Newsletter at the end of November each year. 

Darina Spasova '10 presenting her DDIP research in Dr. Qi-Jing Li's lab at the DRI Syposium 2009.

Thomas Silvers '13 presenting his DDIP research in Dr. Shyam Unniraman's lab at the Duke Summer Research Syposium 2011 (left) and at the Midwinter conference for Immunologists at Asilomar January, 2012 (right)

Gregory Swan '13 presenting his DDIP research in Dr. Weiguo Zhang's lab at the Duke Summer Research Symposium 2012

Yordan Penev '15 and Alexis Grant '14 presenting Their DDIP research at the Davidson Research Symposium 2013