3D Structure of IDH from
E. coli

This is the structure of an IDH monomer from E. coli. The large extention to the right side interacts with the other subunit to form a homodimer.

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First, let's see the substrate, isocitrate. It is shown in a ball and stick display with CPK colors.

Zoom in on isocitrate.

Now let's look at the coenzyme, NADP+. It is shown in a ball and stick display with CPK colors; isocitrate is too.

Zoom in on NADP+. Isocitrate is below the much larger NADP + .

Finally, let's see where the cofactor Mg2+ (green sphere) is located. NADP+ and isocitrate remain unchanged in appearance.

Zoom in on Mg2+.
Notice that Mg2+ is very close to isocitrate.

There are two water molecules that help position the Mg2+ in the right place to peform its function.

Let's see what all of these look like in with their Van der Waals radii displayed. See how closely isocitrate , NADP+ and Mg2+ are positioned.

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