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Downloading the Study Guide & Lab Manual
(Last modified: July 2001)

Viewable and Printable Study Guide (PDF file)

The study guide is available to download as four PDF files. (To view and print the PDF documents, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.) To download the full text of the Study Guide, click the following link below:

Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology Study Guide

The lab guide is also available as a PDF file. To download, click the link below:

Lab Manual

Editable Study Guide and Lab Manual (Mac-compatible Word files)

The Study Guide and Lab Manual are also available as downloadable Word files for the Mac. To download a chapter, click on the appropriate title from the list below. 

Study Guide Chapters:

1.Title Page and Table of Contents
2.Overview of The Biological Sciences
3.The Cell
4.Cellular Communication
6.Bioenergetics: Part A
     Part B
7.Interesting Topics

Lab Manual Chapters:

1. Title Page and Table of Contents
2. Hints for Oral Presentations
3. Writing an Abstract
4. Guidelines for Scientific Papers
5. How to Use a Micropipettor
6. Introduction to Spectrophotometry
7. Isocitrate Dehydrogenase (IDH)
8. Parameters that Affect IDH Activity
9. Your Genotype: A PCR Answer
10. Using Microscopes
11. How long does it take for a Chlamy to regenerate its flagella?
12. Ames Test
13. Beginners Guide to Graphing with Excel
14. Use NIH Image, a computer, and a CCD camera to measure the length of flagella 

Sample Syllabi

If you would like to see a syllabus to review the daily reading assignments, choose either:

Sample Lab and Lecture Syllabi
1998 Lab and Lecture Syllabi (Microsoft Word file)

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